Significant boost for offshore wind

The government presented earlier this morning the ambition for large-scale investments in offshore wind. This is a significant green industrial boost in Norway.

Vi deler ikke NHOs perspektiv på havvind

NHOs forslag legger til grunn en smal og lite fremtidsrettet tankegang, som først og fremst skal løse en dagsaktuell utfordring. Det er et dårlig utgangspunkt for å skape et nytt industrieventyr på norsk sokkel.

Why NHO is wrong

We are questioning the NHO's low level of ambition for how much offshore wind will be developed. The development of offshore wind as a Norwegian export industry must build on wise national decisions. Stable framework conditions and diversity have been central to Norwegian industrial policy for half a century. That must be the foundation when drawing up the roadmap for offshore wind. Sadly, the newly presented strategy from NHO points in a different direction.