Significant boost for offshore wind

Picture of Thor Otto Lohne

Thor Otto Lohne

Chairman of the Board Norsk Havvind

The government presented earlier this morning the ambition for large-scale investments in offshore wind. This is a significant green industrial boost in Norway.

  • The ambition is to produce almost as much offshore wind power as we today produce in total in Norway. The ambition is that by 2040 there will have been allocate areas for 30,000 MW offshore wind production – almost all floating
  • The Government aims to carry out the next round of awarding licenses for offshore wind in new areas in 2025. The government is planning a step-by-step allocation of land. The goal is to open a total area of about 5-6 times Southern North Sea II, or approx. 1 percent of Norwegian sea areas.
  • It is a prerequisite that significant parts of the power produced will go to other countries. The government will facilitate development that allows for the use of various grid solutions. Hybrid cables, radials to Europe and radials to Norway will all be considered . The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) study the consequences of the alternatives. The Government wish to have grid solutions that both ensure more power to Norway and – at the same time - provide good grid solutions for the offshore wind investments (no details provided on how that will be achieved).
  • The MPE will consider how they can streamline license processing by assessing the license and approval of the detailed plan at the same time, thus saving time.
  • Offshore wind investment shall also be the answer to electrifying the Norwegian continental shelf.
  • Tax on offshore wind to be studied

Further information can be found in the press release (Norwegian).
Pressemelding – kraftfull satsing på havvind –

Thor O. Lohne

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