The Skaga field - Offshore wind power for Herøya and Østlandet

NVE (The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) has been commissioned by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy to identify new areas for renewable energy production at sea. Areas that correspond to a minimum of 30 GW must be identified. The answer must be delivered to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy on April 30th 2023. Norsk Havvind believes that offshore wind energy must contribute to solving what appears to be an emerging energy crisis, and has identified five new possible areas. One of these locations is near a power-demanding industry on Herøya. We need projects that can be realized quickly, with cables to Norway placed close to where the need for power is greatest. This contributes to lower power prices and increased power access. The areas we propose are between 10-30 km from land, and must be developed with floating wind turbines due to the deep sea. If they are to be implemented, the advantages must be greater than the disadvantages in order to provide a positive social benefit.

In the letter below, we have asked the county council in Vestfold and Telemark to request NVE to include the Skaga field in its assessment of areas for offshore energy production. Last week, Thor Otto Lohne presented the proposal to the county politicians. The county council voted to support the proposal.

Letter in Norwegian below:
Letter – Skaga-feltet – havvindkraftverk for Herøya og Østlandet

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We need projects that can be realised quickly, close to where the demand for energy is greatest, and with cables into Norway.
TotalEnergies, Iberdrola and Norsk Havvind officially announce the name of their consortium for Norwegian offshore wind: «Skjoldblad»