Perspectives for offshore wind in Norway

A network of offshore wind farms for sustainable power generating

The EU's 2050 plan for the energy sector implies that offshore wind will be the largest contributor to power generation in Europe.

Norsk Havvind believes that Norwegian politics can show the way for a large number of offshore wind farms on the Norwegian continental shelf, linked together in a network. The network includes connections to the continent / UK and the Norwegian mainland system. Increased transmission capacity allows the adjustable hydropower to deliver balancing energy on the continent to a greater extent, which is becoming increasingly important and more valuable. Norway can, in other words, become a stable and central supplier of renewable energy to the European restructuring.

Such a perspective will make:

  1. a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of Europe
  2. significant and long-term export revenues to Norway
  3. the development of a large and diverse Norwegian supplier industry

A parallel can be drawn from the development of Norwegian gas exports to the possible development of offshore wind power as a new major Norwegian export industry.