Meeting with representatives from the Agder supplier industry

Last week, TotalEnergies, Iberdrola, and NorskHavvind were delighted to meet representatives from the Agder supplier industry and County Mayor, Arne Thomassen, in Kristiansand, Norway.

It was great to learn more about the valuable experience and capabilities that already exist in the region firsthand, and also discuss the opportunities that offshore wind will bring to Norway and the region, in the future. We see huge potential for the deployment of offshore wind in Norway and we were therefore very pleased to see the government, last Wednesday, announce its plans to allocate areas for 30 GW of offshore wind by 2040.

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In other news ...

The government presented earlier this morning the ambition for large-scale investments in offshore wind. This is a significant green industrial boost in Norway.
Norsk Havvind AS participates together with TotalEnergies and Iberdrola in the upcoming announcements of land for the development of offshore wind in Norway, with a view to securing the rights to develop wind power on Utsira North and Southern North Sea II.
Madrid, Paris og Stavanger, 3. november 2021 – TotalEnergies, Iberdrola og Norsk Havvind har gått sammen for å svare på norske myndigheters anbudskonkurranse for utbygging av flytende og bunnfaste vindprosjekter for en samlet kapasitet på 4,5 GW fra to offshoresteder i Sør-Norge.